100% Complete Satisfaction Guarantee

We aren’t simply throwing the money back guarantee phrase around. We’re offering the most reliable and sincere guarantee anywhere in the industry. It’s as simple as this; if these incredible results of Formula 41 Extreme don’t meet your greatest expectations we’ll refund 100% of your hard earned dollars. As long as it’s within 90 days of your initial purchase we’ll be more than happy to return your money. You won’t have to jump through hoops or spend hours filling intricate paper work out. There’s no fine print, no scams, and absolutely no gimmicks. We’re so convinced that Formula 41 Extreme will blow your mind that we’ve set our 100% complete satisfaction guarantee in stone. We’re rarely asked about our guarantee. The question we’re most frequently asked is, “Where can I buy it?” Our product is tried and true, but if for any reason it doesn’t answer your prayers we’ll reimburse for 100% of your money.

Formula41 Extreme Pledge of Excellence

It is easy to stand behind our product because we have scientific research and data validating that Formula 41 Extreme is the best men’s supplement on the entire male enhancement industry market. We take great pride in being able to say that our product is high octane fuel for your libido. One of the best things about Formula 41 Extreme is its 5 distinct pledges to our customers. If Formula 41 Extreme should ever fall short of meeting any of these, we offer a complete money back guarantee, absolutely no questions asked. This is the most concrete assurance offered by any company on the entire market. Of course, you’ll never actually need it because you’ll have your hands full enjoying the results that Formula 41 Extreme provides.

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You’ll literally be able to feel the power surging through your veins. If you don’t experience every single one of these results, we honestly want you to return the unused portion to us for a hassle free, 100% refund. We’re confident that Formula 41 Extreme will exceed your expectations just as it has for professional athletes, porn star legends, and countless other men from around the world.

Bulletproof Money Back Guarantee

Formula 41 Extreme includes a complete 100% Bulletproof Money Back Guarantee. If for any reason at all you’re not absolutely thrilled with our product, you should return the container to us within 90 days of your original purchase and we’ll reimburse you for every single penny. That’s how much unwavering confidence we have in the efficiency and effectiveness of Formula 41 Extreme. We’re told that this type of guarantee is the most reliable on the market. We’re not worried in the least because the only reason you’ll be contacting us is to stock up on Formula 41 Extreme not return it.

Loyal Customer Praise

  • “Best awkward father-in law advice ever.”

    As awkward as it was my father-in-law gave me the best advice ever and probably saved my marriage. I am only 32 years old, but just a few months ago I was in a rut. I was always so freaking tired and even when I had enough energy to have sex, my dick would just lie limp. My wife tried to be kind, but I knew what she was really thinking.

    My father-in-law and I weren’t close, but we got on fairly well. He came over one day and said we needed to talk. I thought, “Oh, Lord, here we go.” He told me to just listen and that he didn’t need any details. He said he recently started taking Formula 41 Extreme because he and the little woman were having a bit of trouble. He said I should give it a try because the shit really works. Now, my little woman and I are rockin the sheets multiple times every night.

    Brian Egbert, Indian Hills, TN

  • “From gummy worm to anaconda cock”

    Formula 41 Extreme is bangin! I have always been somewhat self-conscience of my dick size, but recently I started having trouble even getting hard. I’ve heard other guys talk and most of the time they simply weren’t getting turned on like they did when they were young bucks. I wanted to do the nasty, oh God how I wanted to, but my dick just wouldn’t cooperate.

    I was at the gym with a buddy one day and the guys in the locker room were talking, you know the way we do. My buddy told one of them that Formula 41 Extreme kicked ass and he should give it a try. Of course, I said nothing, but made a mental note to find out where to buy it. I am so damn happy I did because it turned my gummy worm into an anaconda cock.

    Sean Bunker, 41, Gary, IN

  • “My ol’ lady thinks I’m a porn God”

    I admit, I’m getting older. My fortieth year was on the other side of the hill, but I didn’t think me or my cock should suffer. I just couldn’t seem to get it up and when I did I couldn’t keep it up. I could tell that my ol’ lady was losing interest fast. I knew if I couldn’t throw her the hot beef injection, she’d find someone who could and soon.

    I was bumming around online looking at porn trying to find a little inspiration when I came across an ad for Formula 41 Extreme. I figured I didn’t have anything to lose at this point and ordered a bottle. This stuff is awesome. In only a few weeks my ol’ lady was calling me a porn God and begging for me, Yep, that’s right, literally on all fours.

    Danny Clevenger, Anaheim, CA

  • “I was so tired of endless bullshit.”

    I am 39 years old and a little while back it seemed like I had lost my mojo. I had pussy right there, in my face, begging for me to bang it hard and I couldn’t even get a rise out of pecker. I was so frustrated and so tired of endless bullshit. I tried several of those so called miracle workers and they were all crap. Nothing worked, until I tried Formula 41 Extreme and it honest to God changed my life. Now I get hard, stay hard, and I can bang all night long like I did when I was a young stud.

    Chris Starks, Tempe, AZ

  • “Best birthday present”

    I had always heard that every man experiences a softy at least once and that it’s normal. I thought that I was just in better shape than the rest of those guys. My buddy had never failed to rise to the occasion. I mean I worked out five days a week and ate very healthy. Right before my 50th birthday my soldier went missing in action. I finally went to my doctor and asked him what was wrong with me. He recommended that I try Formula 41 Extreme for a few weeks. After the first week I noticed a difference and by the third week I couldn’t get enough of my girlfriend. She noticed too and she definitely was into the change. This was the best birthday present ever!

    Simon Keller, Starkville, MS

  • “I didn’t think it was possible”

    I have always been sort of a hippie when it comes to being sick and medication. I never saw any reason to run off to the doctor over a couple of sneezes. When I started having problems banging my honey I considered making an appointment, but first I want to see what the herbalism had to offer. That’s when I happened on Formula 41 Extreme.

    I bought my first bottle right away because it was a natural solution. I felt different after only a few days and by the end of that week I was a whole new man. I had done a little research and I knew this combination of herbs was sound science. My dick got rock hard and I actually had better control. I didn’t count on the extra benefit. My dick got bigger and I didn’t think it was possible for a pill to make you bigger. At first I thought it was my imagination, but my girlfriend noticed too and proceeded to demonstrate how much she liked my new rock hard rod.

    Jesse Cicero, Miramar, FL

  • “She said I had a donkey dick”

    This is hands down the best stuff ever. I have read some of the reviews and yes, Formula 41 Extreme really does do all of those thing. I have more energy, not just in the bedroom, but all of the time and my dong definitely gets harder. I am not into short sprints anymore. I am a friggin sexathon beast. The best part though happened about two weeks after I started taking this power packer. My wife and I were getting down to business when she said I had a donkey dick and she wanted to share it with her girlfriend. I don’t think I could have kept up without Formula 41 Extreme. Now we have a weekly date to get together so they can share my donkey dick. Wow guys, I will never be able to express how thankful I am.

    Johnathon Huskie, 37, Okeechobee, FL

  • “I got the girl and let me tell ya boys, she’s freak in the bed!”

    I am 33 years old, but I have always had a thing for hot little cougars. There’s a club up the road from me and every Wednesday night is cougar night so, of course, you know I was there. I kept seeing this hot little number there petite and sexy as hell. I was afraid to approach her because, well, she was older with quite a bit more experience and I was having some issue not getting, but keeping a boner. I was goofing off on the internet one night and came across this stuff called Formula 41 Extreme.

    I had just joined a gym and did a little research to find out which supplements might speed up the whole getting ripped deal. I ended up learning about testosterone levels and building muscle. I actually bought this to get ripped. It ended up making my fantasy hard core reality. I started getting chubbies for no reason like back when I was a teenager.

    I decided to use my best charm on that sexy little cougar. Thing was my cock got rock hard as soon as we started talking. I never had a chance to use any cheesy pickup lines. She reached out and grabbed hold of my dick and licked her lips. We paid the tab and got the hell out of dodge. Formula 41 Extreme turned me into a stallion and she definitely knew how to ride. I got the girl and let me tell ya boys, she’s a freak in the bed.

    Dan Cross, Carrollton, TX

  • “I took my own advice”

    I am a physical therapist for a local health community. I started out researching Formula 41 Extreme for my clients. More and more of them were telling me they couldn’t get a heard on. I told them about this supplement and though I had never tried it, it seemed plausible that it would give them the boost that they needed. Then one day my dick wouldn’t get hard. I mean it was semi-erect, but I just couldn’t get a full erection. That was when I took my own advice.

    After this happened several times in a row I got online and ordered a bottle of Formula 41 Extreme. To my absolute amazement it actually worked. Before I made it half way through the bottle my dick was getting so hard I could feel my own hear beat in it. I now have more energy than I have ever had in my entire life and I am no longer a one timer. In fact my wife gets tired long before I do. Now I buy a couple bottles at a time just to make sure I don’t run out.

    Jason Sanborn, 42, Millsboro, Delaware

  • “This is awesome shit man.”

    I have told everyone I know about Formula 41 Extreme because this is awesome shit man. I didn’t have any problems getting it up or banging my girlfriend. The thing was she wanted to have sex all of the time. She couldn’t get enough and I had to find something to help me keep up with her or I was going to lose her to someone who could. I heard some guys talking about this bad ass pill that was like testosterone in a bottle.

    Within a few days I was able to shag my girl a couple times a day. I didn’t have to wait a day, or even hours, before my cock was ready to go again. Now when I cum it’s like my jizz is being pumped through a fire hose. My girl is kinda on the kinky side and loves to watch me squirt all over her. It makes her wet as hell. I am so glad I found Formula 41 Extreme. I couldn’t imagine using anything else.

    Harold Bennett, Ammon, ID

  • “I gave her the pounding of her life.”

    I just wanted to let you guys know how incredible Formula 41 Extreme is. I thought my sex life was coming to an end. I just didn’t have the get up and go that I once did. I used to get all of the pussy and it seemed like my dick had turned against me. I could no longer get down and dirty for hours at a time. I was lucky if I made it 10 minutes.

    I started taking Formula 41 Extreme and suddenly I was hornier than ever before. My wife was kind enough to not say a whole lot when I was slacking. With this new found energy I decided to take her right there in the kitchen. I bent her over the table and I gave her the pounding of her life. Needless to say, she was very expressive in her appreciation. Now we make a game of finding the naughtiest places we can think of to get it on.

    Derek Wartburg, Cade, LA

  • “She couldn’t handle me all by herself.”

    I heard the guys talking about this stuff called Formula 41 Extreme so I figured I’d give it a try. I didn’t really think that it would do what they said it would. I didn’t tell anyone when I started taking it. I mean I didn’t want people thinking I couldn’t hold my own. About a month in my girlfriend said she couldn’t handle me all by herself because I was always horny. She asked if it’d be ok to invite a friend to join us.

    I tried not to act too happy about it, but to tell the truth the thought made my cock so hard I didn’t think it’d ever go back down. It did eventually, but only for a little while and only after I had worn both those sexy creatures out. If it weren’t for Formula 41 Extreme I would never have gotten to live out my biggest fantasy and now it’s an everyday reality.

    Tom Raines, Bedford, KY

  • “Kenny Johnson now has a big johnson”

    I am only 32 years old, but a month or so ago, I started having problems in the bedroom, if you know what I mean. I was way too embarrassed to ask any of my friends for advice. I heard my wife and a friend of hers talking one day. She said Kenny Johnson now has a big johnson and he’d bought this supplement called Formula 41 Extreme.

    I immediately went searching for it. I swear this shit turned out to be a God send. I was getting harder and screwing longer before I had taken all of the first bottle. Now when I cum, I can actually feel it coming from the very core of my balls and my wife swears that my dick is at lease an inch and a half bigger. I am so pleased with the results that I tell everyone my story. I want men to know that there is something this amazing available on the market.

    Sydney Blake, Old Town, ME

  • “I never knew I could cum so hard”

    I couldn’t believe it, but it seemed like my dick just quit working one day. It wasn’t a slow, gradual decline like I had heard. It seemed like it just happened over night. I was talking to this dude from work and he told me a friend of his kept talking about this pill called Formula 41 Extreme. He bought it because this guy couldn’t shut up about it. He told me it was only a few days before he noticed a difference. I thought if it worked for them, it could work for me.

    I have no problems laying it on my honey now and it isn’t every now and then like it used to be. Several times a day I am so damn horny I want to rip all of her clothes off. This isn’t even the best part. Sure I get harder and I can fuck longer, but I also cum harder. I never knew that I could cum so hard. I’m telling you man I blow so hard it makes me light headed. Formula 41 Extreme is like nothing else in this world.

    Frank Davenport, Gabbs, NV